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The Outlaw Way - That Lonesome Whistle

The Outlaw Way - That Lonesome Whistle

The Outlaws of Country Music were known for living their life out loud for the world to see and to hear, but none more so than The Man in Black. Singing of trials and tribulation, trains and heartache, prison and sorrow, and that road to redemption - he stops us all in our tracks every time his deep raspy voice is heard. Growing up on his mama's gospel hymn book and working in the cotton fields in Arkansas, this Outlaw grew up to be one of the most consequential singers we will ever see in our lifetimes.

Sweet Tobacco, Worn Leather, Musk, Sandalwood, topped with Fresh Bergamot make up our tribute to this Outlaw. 

Dixie Grace Rocks Glass - Reusable 

You can't give a tribute to Outlaw Country Music without Bourbon and Whiskey! While we can't provide the alcohol, we can give you the perfect glass to drink it from. Once your wick reaches the bottom of the glass, pop out the wick clip, wipe or scoop out the remaining small amount of wax, and wash thoroughly with dish soap and water. Once cleaned, your Dixie Grace Rocks Glass is safe for drinking! 

**Do not dispose of remaining wax down the sink drain. You can pour out the wax into the trash can while still warm, or wipe out with paper towel and throw paper towel away. 

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